My commercial photography studio lies in a small valley surrounded by Cricket St. Thomas Estate (once the home to Mr. Blobby). It is designed for still life photography (wine, product, food) and can accommodate quick turn around product shots as well as more elaborate images. When needed, the garden provides excellent backgrounds.

House and Studio

There is a stream at the bottom of the garden which can provide magical images. These recent liquid shots are in a different league to landscape photography I have collected for many years. It is sometimes hard to tell whose creativity is being presented; on rare moments gentle masterpieces appear like gifts. Abstract Stream Photos

The studio moved from Bath a decade ago and now I mainly cater for the neighbouring towns of Crewkerne, Chard, Bridport and Axminster. Current Commercial Photography

My prime non-work preoccupation concerns improving the state of our natural environment. The images I produce for these campaigns is undertaken at significantly reduced budgets. Environmental photography