The studio lies in a small valley surrounded by Cricket St. Thomas Estate (once the home to Mr. Blobby). It is designed for still life work (wine, product, food) and can accommodate quick turn around product shots, cut-outs as well as more elaborate work. The garden adds the ability to take product shots outdoors.

House and Studio

The garden has a stream at the bottom and this has provided some magical images. I started photographing in California, imagining following in the footsteps of Ansel Adams, and for years scenic images accumulated, first as black and white negatives, then transparency and now more flexible digital files. These recent liquid shots are in a different league to what I have done in the past. It is sometimes hard to tell whose creativity is being presented; on rare moments gentle masterpieces appear like gifts.

Ask at info@scottstudio.co.uk for a list of prints for sale & prices.

Work for the environment features strongly in my life, so this work is undertaken at significantly reduced budgets. http://www.westdorsetfriendsoftheearth.org.uk